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Foreplay is necessary: Hey it’s important to emphasize that for every time I come off like I actually think I’m better than someone else I’m more than certainly to compensate by laying bare the fruits of my own self-made wreckage. I don’t get to kill the world’s hate with my hate. At least I haven’t found a way yet, which is good cause that would justify my brand of hate and make me think I’m better than anyone else. Also if there are few things I actively dodge it’s being clichéd, so I wanna think if I was so righteous then I wouldn’t be dropping semi-regular emo mics on the internet.

Happy Anniversary

Listening to the cicadas. My association with them at some point became them as my lone consistent company—out there in the shrub fields and dilapidated real estate I call wastelands in fiction. It is yet not exaggerated from the truth, as these cicadas ring through my ears, a familiar shared death cry that they mayContinue reading “Happy Anniversary”

OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO [abridged/trailer/music video]

To the solstice This is not pre-masturbatory; it’s done and now the onus is on whoever has the gender-amorphous cojones to start projecting this. Bribe your friends-in-positions-of-cultural-influence. Trap them in a room and loop this on 5.1 surround speakers, cause that’s the movie’s mix. Release them when they’re a better person. Micro-change the world. OurContinue reading “OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO [abridged/trailer/music video]”

CALL TO ACTION for MTL Chinatown

Chinatown Working Group’s Written Submission Template For The OCPM Consultation On Montreal’s Chinatown To EVERYONE in-or-out-of Montreal who wants to directly help preserve the city’s Chinatown—the last in the province—and contribute to the neighborhood’s future, Now Is Your Chance. The city is has finally taken steps to consult the citizens—residents, local businesses, patrons—what they want forContinue reading “CALL TO ACTION for MTL Chinatown”

Let’s Talk

Taking time from artisanal captioning to write this out of ethics. But for those who care about Bell’s initiative to raise awareness for mental health, there’s countless ways you can engage, whether you’ve had any history of mental illness or are someone who cares about the well-being of another’s mental health. Oh right before IContinue reading “Let’s Talk”

Year-end open mic empathy-sharing therapy

New year’s resolution: Know more than ever one’s worth, no more chasing those [motherfatherfuckersclearsthroat] who don’t. While obviously staying humble. Remember kids of parents reading this, self-actualization don’t equal being an arrogass bastard-bitch. Also bro be a tad less bitter save some of that for when you’re 30. Allowing oneself to publish now, having reachedContinue reading “Year-end open mic empathy-sharing therapy”

Believe In The Movies

As immersively tangible as the narratives of art are, a poetic irony about being an artist tends to lie with imposter syndrome—this on a worthwhile-role-in-society level. I won’t and couldn’t-if-I-pretentiously-tried speak for anyone else of course, especially those who can make, y’know a sustainable let alone successful living out of it, let alone a trueContinue reading “Believe In The Movies”

Days to desolation

This time I felt the necessity—not the urgency—to jot this down. I’m not so air-headed to not realize that the novelty people had found in this glorified live journal [this paragraph is a joyous foreword tange-rant] was largely aided by the fact that people straight up had 90% less activity options a year ago, andContinue reading “Days to desolation”


SYNOPSIS: The collective consciousness of human pain has led to an unknown alternate reality wasteland. Amidst this seemingly endless exterior desolation of dirt and urban abandonment appear those searching for their answers and somewhere beyond—the entity Embodiment of Angst. It is believed that this mysterious being—whether it be in the form of a person, bagel,Continue reading “OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO – Dissertation”

Shared destination

There’s a dialogue being extended Past the gravel sea + anarchic symphony There’s a question for those who last past the 3-hour mark About who we’re gonna be to each other, apart together + not together For those who can tell there’s more to a projectile rotten fruit joke Than it just being comically rewardingContinue reading “Shared destination”

At The Very Least It’s Already February

Dear Malu 21/02/06 Gonna see if directly addressing your potentially rebellious but certainly very cognitively astute teenage future helps at all. You see, your street uncle is still learning how to express himself properly without scaring everyone off so he’s constantly finding original ways to document his psychosis in ways that persistently blur the lineContinue reading “At The Very Least It’s Already February”

Projection Canvas For The Collective Cartoon-Level Holiday Sorrow

Variant Title—Celebrations For The Excluded: Empathy Canvas Catch-Up; Dec. 2020 Issue 0: You know what to do. No I apologize that’s exclusionary. If this is your first crescendo angst short non-fiction read, here: whatever’s going on with you, this is a projection place to leave some of it — here. Flip my words around orContinue reading “Projection Canvas For The Collective Cartoon-Level Holiday Sorrow”


If you wish to contribute to Nilufar Restaurant‘s Falafel-It-Forward efforts the details are at their channel. During this internationally depressive holiday season, this is one other way we can give. Channel details: via instagram / facebook In any case the crescendo angst version of our sponsorship ad:

The monument of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Superman story

On a 4:30 a.m. sanity-obligatory soundtrack-labor pause I do the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League for maybe closer to the 54th time. It would be closer to 544 if I managed my moments of breathing in and out better and if every watch wasn’t so emotionally draining. It has to be clear—I could notContinue reading “The monument of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Superman story”

Op-ed — Pandemic party pass

This has nothing to do with feelings about Christmas itself, which include while not limited to kinetic melancholy-longing and the collective purgatorial haunt of unrequited deceased folktale monsters. The burden of their lonelinesses wraiths in and out of this publishing. In Poutineland our excuse for government leaders have justified bypassing public health guidelines and greenContinue reading “Op-ed — Pandemic party pass”

More x V̅

Writing for a moment as the moderator on behalf of the crescendo angst cinevision culmovement, though nothing here reflects the explicit opinions of any of its members so if I say something that offends pretend-vegetarians, then uh yeah, right here people. If you’ve been on the flaming bullet train since the dying days of the dvd,Continue reading “More x V̅”

Good Luck Round 2

You’re not here for another opinion-on-everything-otherwise-you’re-with-the-enemy piece. You’re at crescendo angst cinevision for a canvas this feels like a retread. You’d know by now. This is for the humility of it all. Or what it’s worth as apocalypse lockdown 2 goes down midnight, at least in the region this publishing digitally sends from. Maybe yourContinue reading “Good Luck Round 2”

Poems for people who wish to hate poems II

Justification 144553 for doing what we do—crescendo angst cinevision is an attempt to cement-document a subjective experience. This so anyone may find their own quiet and apart-from-all-others private canvas to project their experience towards. This individualistic narcissist culture then makes even more total absence of human-potential-sense in the company of the feels that links allContinue reading “Poems for people who wish to hate poems II”

1 Year Ago Today Dismantling

Self-obliged self-justification disclaimer: this is pure anarchy stream-of-consciousness. It wasn’t supposed to be, but this is what happens when one forces out a last-minute birthday present-equivalent. Doesn’t change how much it matters. This wasn’t the last day of Operation Heatstroke. 4 days later was, and I’m grateful for that—Jamz and I agreeing 29 was theContinue reading “1 Year Ago Today Dismantling”

“Life talking to a wall” – Matt Murdock, Daredevil Coolio Cut

Disgusting. The humble part of me is not even making this about us. You have the ones who have feces to say or can’t come out with anything [constipated] yet got nations of drooling fans at their superficial mercy. Then you got those with an overbearing amount of content filtered through a decency-pacer yet it’sContinue reading ““Life talking to a wall” – Matt Murdock, Daredevil Coolio Cut”

Slapping At Loneliness In The Lawful Loneliness Era

If you haven’t yet subscribed to Dan Barrett’s Better Questions, well you had seven days to do so, the same amount of time you would’ve had to prepare for ringu coming for u, so yeah. Posting another installation again at 5:43 so if I’m late at even 5:44, whoever shouts out at 5:45 gets aaa..pffmangoshakeContinue reading “Slapping At Loneliness In The Lawful Loneliness Era”

Coda: What [I] want / All [I] have

Again to every lonely wraith who feels abandoned when another lonely wraith “gets better” and leaves: you’ll never have to worry about that here. Not when you see me having a giggle attack. Not when you see me give-no-fudge-attacking my adversaries into freshly-made craters. Not when I succeed in being extremely funny, usually through otherContinue reading “Coda: What [I] want / All [I] have”

Sun border-porn / The most minor non-toxic optimism

Disclaimer: the first half of the title is your disclaimer. OG-written on July 6. Shelved since cause re: title This shout-out’s to Kai. Thanks for gifting me the momentum to publish. The audacity to test this nascent cult’s outreach. Crescendo Angst Cinevision isn’t a cult, it’s just a metaphor. Unless I bagged you the dayContinue reading “Sun border-porn / The most minor non-toxic optimism”

Poems for people who wish to hate poems

I’m super emo As usual From sharing with people What I hope is void of ego It always ends though With my ceaseless ramble Creating collateral slow mo To those who don’t follow Absolutely understandable These are the screams of a non-criminal-psycho   Psycho in the radio Reference to OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO Cause if youContinue reading “Poems for people who wish to hate poems”

Hyperlinks: A Static Vision Film Festival

Hey it’s Automated Android. M/Ms/It Cinevision is duck-taping a makeshift dummy with a tripledickhead and a Restaurant Nilufar t-shirt so I was asked to substitute this one. Sooo 3:45 p.m. eastern time’s mangoshake, 5:15’s the Q&A.… Cinevision says he doesn’t wanna personally be the one to turn the Q&A into an OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO plug-fest, so thatContinue reading “Hyperlinks: A Static Vision Film Festival”

There’s a garden at the back: I + II

Automated android disclaimer: Hello, to understand Earth’s Core-esque Existentialism I have appropriately mastered the english language. These are the collected writings of someone who clearly takes crazy pills, and regardless how self-aware or radical at wordplay they may be, they write for no reason other than to self-scrutinize and reflect self-critically their place amongst people,Continue reading “There’s a garden at the back: I + II”

6 years 2 months ago 2 weeks ago: Coda II

On behalf of this whole recent delirium-spree, I’ll try grenade-compressing this publishing as the pre-self-nuke. Spirit wraith—I’m just a 70% liquid vessel; you’ll soon have to do the work for both of us. I should’ve looked out for you more. Sorry. How could anything be salvaged when you’re already long gone. Past hearing out. AllContinue reading “6 years 2 months ago 2 weeks ago: Coda II”

You won’t enjoy this if you even secretly discriminate against incoherence

The world’s gonna change. There’s nothing pretentiously romantic about that. If a scientist is somehow reading this then Yeah I Know the world has always been and continues to always change you fucking E.Q.-challenged genius-arrogass. Sorry. I made an assumption. I’m the ass. Still fuck you if you thought it. I’m gonna go ahead andContinue reading “You won’t enjoy this if you even secretly discriminate against incoherence”

5 years ago again

Matias I was gonna transmit the 5-second-food-fell-down rule to disproportionately justify a 5-days-after-the-birthday-to-remember rule but turns out this footage is 5 years ago today so yes I planned this against your anticipation! Cause of course I’m the one person you couldn’t live without getting a bday wish from. Aaah shit aight here’s 12m51s of youContinue reading “5 years ago again”

Is More Lighthearted even possible?

Guess one could try. For the downer who only finds comfort in Crescendo Angst Cinevision’s empathy to unabashed depressiveness don’t worry, it never matters how giddy I appear—as morally obligated, I am very much unmovingly dying inside out. Self-care therapy disclaimer. You can more or less skip this if you’re not conflicted about liking meContinue reading “Is More Lighthearted even possible?”

Mayor guy: pick un day! Public health guy: UUAAWW jawr j-j-juine leeee v-v-vin-twen–

Disclaimer: no matter what social class you are, if you can take a shower while not in the very act fearing for someone else’s life then you are part of the new privilege. And as partly a way to atone for whenever I do sound like a privileged baby ironically in the ghetto, I typeContinue reading “Mayor guy: pick un day! Public health guy: UUAAWW jawr j-j-juine leeee v-v-vin-twen–”

Vulnerably tough

I’m an existential motor-mouth assaults-with-more-than-you-ordered vending machine, but I will never truly assume or preach that anything I do is good or valid. The double standard thing is I unconditionally believe in the transcendence of creation. Whether it’s a story of what happens when a 14-year old outcast gets to decide whether to end allContinue reading “Vulnerably tough”

And no one will win — EOA, ODC[#]

This one’s specialized less for the vengeful-I-must-burn-it-all person and more the nothing-can-convince-me-I-can-be-saved-too. Writing this to Nothing’s 2ndand 3rdLPs, skipping any weird happy tracks. I’m the first to call out my amount of 1stperson POV which consistently threatens to create narcissistic disconnect but again my first name’s Crescendo so I’m not actually real and anything youContinue reading “And no one will win — EOA, ODC[#]”

It always ends in a fight — Bucky, marvel movie

Disclaimer: this piece is a reluctant anti-hero mic drop so reading this is not a good idea if you are in a no-one-dare-ruin-my-happiness mood cause I Will win this challenge not a brag it means I can be a lot. Seriously if you like me at all but very cautiously this will almost certainly ruinContinue reading “It always ends in a fight — Bucky, marvel movie”

Self-Obliged Self-Justification Disclaimer

Hey. First things I remembered to come forward on. I’m new to the practice of just being a straight up person addressing through a digital vacuum of which anyone may not be on the receiving end, let alone new to how the crud a website works, let alone to this thing I’m just going forContinue reading “Self-Obliged Self-Justification Disclaimer”

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