5 years ago again

Matias I was gonna transmit the 5-second-food-fell-down rule to disproportionately justify a 5-days-after-the-birthday-to-remember rule but turns out this footage is 5 years ago today so yes I planned this against your anticipation! Cause of course I’m the one person you couldn’t live without getting a bday wish from. Aaah shit aight here’s 12m51s of youContinue reading “5 years ago again”

Soul stash

You’ll get something out of this if you generally…lack..stuff…on an at-least-not-snorting-cocaine-to-stay-conscious level. I’m holding singular things. I can’t actually touch them. I see them. I hear them. I can’t smell it, but I’d recognize it, whether I was ever there or not. Regardless I feel it all. I put it all in a place onlyContinue reading “Soul stash”

Is More Lighthearted even possible?

Guess one could try. For the downer who only finds comfort in Crescendo Angst Cinevision’s empathy to unabashed depressiveness don’t worry, it never matters how giddy I appear—as morally obligated, I am very much unmovingly dying inside out. Self-care therapy disclaimer. You can more or less skip this if you’re not conflicted about liking meContinue reading “Is More Lighthearted even possible?”

Mayor guy: pick un day! Public health guy: UUAAWW jawr j-j-juine leeee v-v-vin-twen–

Disclaimer: no matter what social class you are, if you can take a shower while not in the very act fearing for someone else’s life then you are part of the new privilege. And as partly a way to atone for whenever I do sound like a privileged baby ironically in the ghetto, I typeContinue reading “Mayor guy: pick un day! Public health guy: UUAAWW jawr j-j-juine leeee v-v-vin-twen–”

Vulnerably tough

I’m an existential motor-mouth assaults-with-more-than-you-ordered vending machine, but I will never truly assume or preach that anything I do is good or valid. The double standard thing is I unconditionally believe in the transcendence of creation. Whether it’s a story of what happens when a 14-year old outcast gets to decide whether to end allContinue reading “Vulnerably tough”

And no one will win — EOA, ODC[#]

This one’s specialized less for the vengeful-I-must-burn-it-all person and more the nothing-can-convince-me-I-can-be-saved-too. Writing this to Nothing’s 2ndand 3rdLPs, skipping any weird happy tracks. I’m the first to call out my amount of 1stperson POV which consistently threatens to create narcissistic disconnect but again my first name’s Crescendo so I’m not actually real and anything youContinue reading “And no one will win — EOA, ODC[#]”

It always ends in a fight — Bucky, marvel movie

Disclaimer: this piece is a reluctant anti-hero mic drop so reading this is not a good idea if you are in a no-one-dare-ruin-my-happiness mood cause I Will win this challenge not a brag it means I can be a lot. Seriously if you like me at all but very cautiously this will almost certainly ruinContinue reading “It always ends in a fight — Bucky, marvel movie”

Happy Anniversaries

So necessary disclaimer to those who haven’t heard this 23 times already—that nothing I do or say is done with the goal of exterior attention, validation, or gratification to return to me. I convince myself that I do wanna live the most selfless life, though yeah I could totally be conning myself as a wayContinue reading “Happy Anniversaries”

Self-Obliged Self-Justification Disclaimer

Hey. First things I remembered to come forward on. I’m new to the practice of just being a straight up person addressing through a digital vacuum of which anyone may not be on the receiving end, let alone new to how the crud a website works, let alone to this thing I’m just going forContinue reading “Self-Obliged Self-Justification Disclaimer”

The A.T. field and The Heart

Of which The A.T. field is what stops the heart from going too far It’s what alerts us when we reach too close for our own good It’s what also helps us reach closer It’s what gives the heart courage It’s what gives it a reason to try It’s also what stops another heart fromContinue reading “The A.T. field and The Heart”