Album aims to be its own experience from movie—OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO, which might sound obnoxious cause anyone could paste source files into album form then pretense it as “its own thang.” But whatever yeah fuck you unless you dig it—tracks are re-ordered in places compared to non-diegetic sequencing, some aren’t even in the movie, its self-contained existence carries parts of ODC’s iconography and legacy, though the ODC movie will not feature those pieces. This ties to ODC’s wider goal. Not in the clichéd I.P. shared universe bs, but multimedia in a pop-culturally impactful way. This is a loaded want, but it wouldn’t be worthwhile without aiming to harvest the stars.

OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO should be more than the movie while not a cringe-aspiring I.P. To be honest it may be a pointless exercise labeling the “awesome unique game-changer” any of us presumes to have. Everywhere I look—from the Most Celebrity Mainstream to the mosT ObscurelY famouS—at least 99.9-repedent-% of every new style, star, story—has nothing new to say. But the difference now is these vapid assholes have co-opted the terms of resistance that the outsiders and genuinely unique new voices have used to break past the mold. Now every superstar’s new Thing is the hottest new thing, though the consumer world is too busy giving its undying attention to question if that Thing is any different than the last. Every new underground trap beat is revolutionary even next to the other million carbon copy counterparts that came out that same day. Everyone’s new project can be called a war on the system or start of a revolution, even when they really just want to be adored like everyone else. The artistic oligarchs/plutocrats and their sycophants/wannabes have ran out of ways to regurgitate and sell their ceaseless cesspool amorphous junk. So they’ve resulted to the most important-sounding labels that used to hold counterculture weight by those fighting to be worthwhile-heard.

Even if it damns me to a deeper purgatory of obscurity, I won’t betray whatever honesty the things I give embody. The Things we give are more than the acknowledgement we seek from or for it. It doesn’t require the real world outside art crumbling in real time to tell creative people their potential to change was abstract at best. It doesn’t matter how rich, famous, or acknowledged any one “brilliant mind” is. Everyone is a complete asshole with no honest idea what they’re doing; some just have more fans convincing them otherwise. And that in-crowd collectively individual quest to not feel empty and die alone is swallowing whatever space and time there is left for the real outsiders.

I’m not writing this on my bitter bitch behalf. Even if I was, it doesn’t change how inconsequential the exercise is. If OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO means anything as an audiovisual project, it sure as Hell will have nothing to do with what I think on a publishing note. I have no say. Cause unless everyone already loves you, the things you give—even if it meant forfeiting everything else for it—won’t change how alone any of us are by the time death unceremoniously clocks us out. We can only ever give what we can+wanna give cause it was worthwhile beyond our own SOS.

You can only gravitate to the voices You personally know have stood out, and do what you can to not let the things they give be in vain. So I’ll just leave ODC in album form here for now, letting it honor everything good I’ve ever found from the voices who matter to me. Beyond all the ceaseless cesspool bullshit coming and going, it’s those good things that last.


Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

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