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I write this to you for once as a feeling human being typing on a keyboard in the shade rather than a maybe-past-appearingly-expressionless-won’t -show-enthusiasm-exclamation-mark-hating-barely-known-artiste. It’s the apocalypse, the lines are drawing clearer between who’s unconditionally compassionate at heart and who’s a hateful intolerant self-interested irredeemable piece of steel-staining shit, and already at this point it feels like anyone could die or snap into a murderous rampage at any given moment, so these must be contributing to an accelerated urgency to approach things like it’s the last time and try being better.

This could be even more long-winded if not for the fact that I’m sure you’ve already read an endless amount of personal or opinion pieces trying to make sense of one’s thoughts and feelings by obviously more important and well-spoken people, and also I’ve gotten a lot of my uncensordom out onto a personal blog I share with confidantes none of who actually subscribed to it and who may or may not already be exhausted with it or may not even have read the emails dick, so by virtues this could be more streamlined.

14 years ago some people and I made a movie mostly with duck tape probably largely out of spite against an industry that gives people who haven’t slept with the right producer[s] every reason to forget it. Out of then 36 people I now formally talk to like 5 who I collectively harass with my blog letters. I stay grateful to everyone then by code for everything given. I stay grateful to everyone beyond then who are the reason this movie is on letterboxd where strangers can post how genuinely upset they are that they paid money. Where am I going with that I’m not sure so I’ll prematurely end the paragraph with a personal testimony that if you are someone who gets to have any life-affirming human bonds with anyone outside your immediate family, then you could be better off not being a spiteful butt-licker and make it work / cherish it, cause if a planetary pandemic could teach any excuse for a humble human across the entire planet anything it’s to admit when you messed up / when you’re wrong / when you should have been better to one another.

All lasting thankfulness said I hate mangoshake with such an unmoving passion that the only reasons you can now pre-order it on blu-ray is that I love Justin, Peter, and Adam and they’re my heroes for getting this Satandamn thing out and I owe them for being the only 3 people alive in the industry who would champion and fight for this stuff, so the least I could do is my part in getting it finally done with forever. I only bribed myself to even finish the movie itself through the most might-as-well-be-dead hopeless times of my sentient existence so to even give myself the eventual right to make what my spiritual existence has all been heading towards and that I’ve now committedly forfeited my purpose to dragging towards the finish line and all my proceeds go to bribing the team back to freaking finish it so that I may never ask anything of this scope of them ever again. So while I do hate mangoshake so much, if you do get it on home video truly Thank You and you don’t even have to watch the movie itself you can check out all the other stuff like the box and disc art that Justin did and Jessie’s soundtrack which I’m non-conceitedly proud of having mouth-composition-contributed to, though if you just have to watch it honestly just do it with either commentary track to the heatstroke cut cause it’s better off as more explicit performance art.

As one other grain of sand in the sandstorm of life itself don’t think you’re not also I guess in my evanescent hope of giving any lasting good……yeah I lost the thought.

Probably for the better. As it stands I don’t get to legitimately heal or help anyone. It was already clear before corona when I wasn’t qualified to evacuate a burning building, and it’s clearer than ever now when I’m not a front line worker and the least I could do is not go outside and commit domino-homicide and the most I could do is give everything I got left to what will amount to a projection of light that will amount to my attempt to abstractly heal or help anyone. Though regardless of the outreach or the effect, we all have a role to play. Yeah?

Love one another.

Leung Kei Ging Yu / Terry Chiu

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