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Gloomy day gloomy single

From the physical media re-release of the OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO + The Rest Of OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO records, exclusively handed out at screenings. This track had been haunting me for the longest time, and I was never content with how it turned out on the initial The Rest Of OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO release. So IContinue reading “Gloomy day gloomy single”

Insomniac Dreams

Written way-on-the-nose to “Pictures of You” and “Out of This World” by The Cure. To every beautiful-ass amazing-ass badass person who came to Insomniac’s screening of Open Doom Crescendo at Eyesore Cinema—I am forever grateful, humbled, and moved. Tell everyone you can. Forget about me—this kind of creative giving (n.) that you give (v.) lifeContinue reading “Insomniac Dreams”

5-alive years later

5-alive years since the only two programmers on planet earth who’d enable me did enable me, and to this day I’ve yet to make worthwhile all the collateral existentialism they’ve endured for giving me a screen. Since then I’ve only made increasingly inaccessible work, making my barely-programmable first feature that they bet on look mainstreamContinue reading “5-alive years later”

Happy New Year

Written to David Bowie’s “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday” A Lunar New Year’s greeting from your local hero nihilist: Another year of heartwarmth and heartbreak await. They await equally contradictorily. They arrive with their tongues in each other’s mouths. But I don’t know why it feels different this year. No No I do, toContinue reading “Happy New Year”

Dead Fathers & Outsider Art

Nearing two months later and his demise feels like an already distant memory yet immediately accessible traumatic event, the latter of which I will indulge in therapeutically graphic detail so content warning. My close bonds had encouraged me to at once feel as sad as I needed, but also all the necessary resentment. So untilContinue reading “Dead Fathers & Outsider Art”

To everyone

1 I shall first demonstrate how far I’ve come—exhibiting my last down-on-myself contemplation from sometime earlier last week. Skip to act 2 if you don’t like Sum 41. These feels (n.) don’t really leave. And they won’t really leave when you’ve gotten what your feels had you feeling for. But if it doesn’t get better,Continue reading “To everyone”