And no one will win — EOA, ODC[#]

This one’s specialized less for the vengeful-I-must-burn-it-all person and more the nothing-can-convince-me-I-can-be-saved-too. Writing this to Nothing’s 2ndand 3rdLPs, skipping any weird happy tracks.

I’m the first to call out my amount of 1stperson POV which consistently threatens to create narcissistic disconnect but again my first name’s Crescendo so I’m not actually real and anything you can relate or project onto any of this is what matters. Sunday’s publishing that at least 2 people later had the courtesy to admit they read it was not about race as I futilely theorized halfway. And finding out there’s a new reverse trend going on where people are oppressed into even having an opinion / taking a side would be something that makes me feel appalled to be one more vainly-opinionated asshole on social media. That if not for the fact that I consciously wrote against the concept of an opinion. And as with everything abstract about civilization which is everything, people not exerting their opinions more is why our species got here today and people enforcing their opinions is how we got here today. So if you’re a liberal arts student who somehow just found a way to interpret my words as black lives don’t matter then you are miraculous, here’s a kinder surprise the toy’s broken inside just like you. On the other hand if you’re a bully who’s complacent to not being retaliated against, look to your right. Aha got you right here [Blam Blam Brap Brap]

What it comes down to is what I argue as Bucky also does that it always ends in a fight. And I don’t see that as an opinion cause I know I’m a spiteful bastard and need to optimize on when I think I’m not necessarily wrong. I hope I’m at least equally as humble so that I’m not wasting time I could be making beats. And it’s also self-analytical where it’s the very concept that without changing the legitimacy of everyone with a thoughtful, constructive, and open-minded opinion on anything, you got everyone who makes everything worse. This whether they take a legit event to get a new TV or really a new guitar and other miscellaneous music merchandise as some fine folks decided; or they want their pop art 15 minutes of feeling special so forces themselves and others to share the opinion that seems “woke” or “preserving” to them. Woke if you’re another millennial who refuses to accept their ironically poetic fate that their generation’s equivalent of doing time serving their country is to be as useless as possible; preserving if you’re equivalent to someone who voted for trump. Yeah Ian I deliberately short-and-sweet-simplified it for 5th/6th-graders I don’t care if you think that’s insensitive even if you did read these. And now another proportion of people—liberal or conservative—has another politicized reason to go get some sun, meet a kindred angry person, have brutal sex with them, and assume they won’t have contributed to a wave of collective mass murder as self-agencied STD-spreaders of corona. Class 2012 remember sean coby 2012 guy that started with oversimplifying a warlord and climaxed with him climaxing on the streets—metaphorically the same thing. I joke class of 2012 you’re all a distant dead memory.

So when it comes down to it everyone needs to have an opinion without actually wanting to even acknowledge the other side. Which when it comes down to it defeats the purpose of having a debate or discussion, so people might as well ignore what the other has to say and go straight to murdering each other. Oh Aaaaahaha how ignorant of me! Yes yes present-Earth / past- / forever-Earth.

Maybe it’s cause I’m an admittedly relatively uninformed person but every time there’s a New Thing that divides people—without diminishing the real urgency of any matter—I can’t get myself to fetishize novelty from any of it. Cause it’s the same thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s governments, intolerance, pandemics, nhl force-resuming, the fact that Richard Marquand could be a made up person, adventuretime look it feels like some seriously good-looking “outsiders” made that so it’s like the cast of perks of being wallflowers made it, david lynch most of him, big bang theory all of them and all of it, stranger things no wait you know for a fact that it’s garbage, the middle east, that whale in the old port it doesn’t matter what the New Thing is cause it’s all the same thing not counting the whale, it’s happened before and it happens again just through another digest which is people fucking each other up and not wanting to stop until there’s no longer anyone they don’t like to fuck up. And anyone who prioritizes hate ultimately hates themself regardless their denial.

So as much as it can be legit to be political and have an opinion, we can pretty much keep in mind that there’s no version of this where any of us actually wins. Cause it’s never not at the core about people ruining each other’s chance to live side by side, not face to face—confrontation style, not as you nail each other—with your crotches, not hammers—the verb to hammer—antagonistically. Everyone’s likely enough to die a shitty death anyway. Hopefully not as irredeemably lonely as mine cause if you feel loved then my words and your reactions must perpetually be telekinetically separated. But if you somehow are someone who feels as consistently the void as I do, then I must have written this for you. We’ll never meet anyway.

Moral call someone you regret hurting and tell them you’re sorry or something.

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