The A.T. field and The Heart

Of which

The A.T. field is what stops the heart from going too far

It’s what alerts us when we reach too close for our own good

It’s what also helps us reach closer

It’s what gives the heart courage

It’s what gives it a reason to try

It’s also what stops another heart from reaching the heart

That the A.T. field defends

The heart would explode were it to truly touch another heart

Therefore the A.T. field saves

The heart

From itself

And another heart

Though the A.T. field cannot stop the heart

The heart will break out and do its thing

The A.T. field will look on in horror

And the vessel for the heart and the A.T. field will stop

bouncing the ball off the wall and bend down

Not cause it has low stamina

But cause its heart broke out

And it can’t breathe well without it



And the vessel will ask the A.T. field

<< What the crud dood

Why would you do that

You know the heart just does what it wants >>

And the A.T. field will go

<< I feel like this was a set-up >>

Then as the vessel and A.T. field brace

To become primordial life soul

cause the heart went off

and did its thing and they

can no longer hear it beating

The vessel remembers that

The Last Song by Evanescence

has been on loop for almost an hour

And the vessel smiled

Not smirked

Smirking is posing it’s just unnatural

Published by crescendoangstcinevision

Licensed creative vandalism

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