Why I’m still doing [___]

Whatever my part may be, they all more or less weave between ODC and my soulful ability to last long enough to finish it [or to at least witness Zack Snyder’s Justice League].]

I can attest to my personal need to cyclically reconcile my sense of compassion versus people’s willful hatred that would rather take everyone with them down into a void of self-destruction. That’s likely partly why I’m still doing  . . . this. So long as I’m still self-aware, I don’t wanna let up. I hope for my own part I can still give something.

That was written a couple days ago as an act of self-reminder.

Today I write:

—to ask of anyone reading [and effectively listening]—to take the necessary moment when possible—to listen closer.

There’s more than one way I mean that—whether it extends to you and what you have to give—or what you have to give and to who you care for most.

Upfront, from that point my brain buffered and the transparent circumference just kept rotating. I don’t seem to have the vocabulary to consciously uplift. I’ll let the humanity, healing, and remembrance behind Justice League’s restoration speak for why I’ve written this time.



Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

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