SYNOPSIS: The collective consciousness of human pain has led to an unknown alternate reality wasteland. Amidst this seemingly endless exterior desolation of dirt and urban abandonment appear those searching for their answers and somewhere beyond—the entity Embodiment of Angst. It is believed that this mysterious being—whether it be in the form of a person, bagel,Continue reading “OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO – Dissertation”

Loss and Find — III

Grab hold and don’t let go. While this transience passes. While the soul-switches flip on. What creative expression means. At least to me. If I attest this through the people and things that move me most—I can maintain why I need to actuate what I may myself give. While I have time in this spaceContinue reading “Loss and Find — III”

Why I’m still doing [___]

Whatever my part may be, they all more or less weave between ODC and my soulful ability to last long enough to finish it [or to at least witness Zack Snyder’s Justice League].] I can attest to my personal need to cyclically reconcile my sense of compassion versus people’s willful hatred that would rather takeContinue reading “Why I’m still doing [___]”

Shared destination

There’s a dialogue being extended Past the gravel sea + anarchic symphony There’s a question for those who last past the 3-hour mark About who we’re gonna be to each other, apart together + not together For those who can tell there’s more to a projectile rotten fruit joke Than it just being comically rewardingContinue reading “Shared destination”

Why this matters to me

I feel the conscientious need to address the matter. I could make a thing of addressing any sociopolitical matter that I paid enough attention to. Thing is I find myself only able to use this nascent movement for whatever I subjectively can contribute something to, with no one to answer to criteria of academia, non-fiction,Continue reading “Why this matters to me”

Why he gave it everything

To those hurting at expense for capitalism today I don’t think Saint Valentine would’ve wanted that I don’t think he wanted his memory and what he gave, his head included, to be lost in a modern day monetized betrayal I don’t think while his head was still attached to his upper body that he thoughtContinue reading “Why he gave it everything”

/ All [I] have [to give]

/ Mettle celebrations To Malu 02/12/20, sometime before that—and likely long after I I semi-regularly dread the future scenario of hard conversations…. whether you for some reason seek answers from me or I just impulsively blurt them out cause I freak out at the prospect of you discovering the world’s hardships in tougher ways. IContinue reading “/ All [I] have [to give]”