Poems for people who wish to hate poems II

Justification 144553 for doing what we do—crescendo angst cinevision is an attempt to cement-document a subjective experience. This so anyone may find their own quiet and apart-from-all-others private canvas to project their experience towards. This individualistic narcissist culture then makes even more total absence of human-potential-sense in the company of the feels that links all actually-humble people together physical-distance-necessitated or not. Luma you can disregard that last part if strangers don’t need to stand 2 on-their-side-galvanized-garbage-cans apart in 2032.

This scent is right-away familiar
It comes on during season-transitions
It registers usually no more than a handful of days
Unless I’m thinking of a different sce
Scent is being used cause it sounds more poetic than
smell which reads too graphic even for east side fudge it
less I’m thinking of a different smell
Discrepancies might be going on

Now I’m back 2019 june-august and it’s
5-6 a.m. though I was already up a few hours
It’s another shooting prep
Now it smells like cool yet t-shirt air
It smells like a car with a movie set
shoved into the non-driver seats
It smells like solid walmart coffee
It smells like sometimes Jaxon remnant
It smells like fake blood
It smells like highway
Though it can never again smell of talgia
So long as it chains us

Now it’s morning readying for the school bus
And I’d be appreciating the smell
if school wasn’t so anxiety-saturated
Maybe I did know to appreciate it cause
memories that far back are beyond
my own trusting judgment
It’s summer early 2010s and I’m recording
shitty footsteps on asphalt cause I hadn’t yet
discovered freesounds.org
By the way I’m not dr. manhattan, I have
actual flawed humanity to spare, and
the hbo version although sometimes tried, tried
2 hard when it wasn't not even trying
so doesn’t count either
It’s somehow winter now and I manage to process
the smell of the air every now and then while
mostly not feeling cold not cause I’m superior but
cause I’m largely scar-tissue-reinforced numb inside

It’s now again and I know the smell won’t last
cause it’s gonna be an outdoor fridge again
starting day after tomorrow minus ben jarry brookheimer
Also cause there’s no time in this current excuse
of a world when sucking in the air is
almost oxymoronical by concept
because the air could kill you these days
Luma disregard that too if applicable. I honestly
hope the default dress code in your time
is not a hazmat suit

This smell registers on summer dawns
only if you continue taking the time to notice

Dawn transitions to fall and just as well spring
if you take the time to notice

if you somehow notice

if you somehow notice
And if you do notice


you wonder if anyone else





Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

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