Projection Canvas For The Collective Cartoon-Level Holiday Sorrow

Variant Title—Celebrations For The Excluded: Empathy Canvas Catch-Up; Dec. 2020 Issue 0: You know what to do. No I apologize that’s exclusionary. If this is your first crescendo angst short non-fiction read, here: whatever’s going on with you, this is a projection place to leave some of it — here. Flip my words around orContinue reading “Projection Canvas For The Collective Cartoon-Level Holiday Sorrow”

The monument of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Superman story

On a 4:30 a.m. sanity-obligatory soundtrack-labor pause I do the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League for maybe closer to the 54th time. It would be closer to 544 if I managed my moments of breathing in and out better and if every watch wasn’t so emotionally draining. It has to be clear—I could notContinue reading “The monument of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Superman story”

Celebrations For The Excluded

At crescendo angst cinevision we generally have no clue what we’re doing as in we believe in method magic in the music-face of mortal madness. A news report about a woman who was helped off living on the streets brought it back to a wider—if sometimes futile-feeling—moral collective need to do what we can inContinue reading “Celebrations For The Excluded”

No Place Like Nilufar’s

Before this risks coming off as derailing into self-serving conceit, this is the root article: There is enough food to go around. So why am I seeing people go hungry? Now a point-of-view for gratitude assessment and to attempt empathetic universal appeal Half this typist’s post-pubescent body is made of Nilufar Restaurant’s food. I hadContinue reading “No Place Like Nilufar’s”

Op-ed — Pandemic party pass

This has nothing to do with feelings about Christmas itself, which include while not limited to kinetic melancholy-longing and the collective purgatorial haunt of unrequited deceased folktale monsters. The burden of their lonelinesses wraiths in and out of this publishing. In Poutineland our excuse for government leaders have justified bypassing public health guidelines and greenContinue reading “Op-ed — Pandemic party pass”

WTF Fest + Canzine Premiere

If nothing else, this is a keepsake given–a double-down as Adam encourages. Regardless when the rest sees the light of day depends on when humanity gets its collective redemptive crud together and whoever still has scenes remaining aren’t 40 years old by that point or already deceased. We’d likely see it through regardless of answersContinue reading “WTF Fest + Canzine Premiere”

More x V̅

Writing for a moment as the moderator on behalf of the crescendo angst cinevision culmovement, though nothing here reflects the explicit opinions of any of its members so if I say something that offends pretend-vegetarians, then uh yeah, right here people. If you’ve been on the flaming bullet train since the dying days of the dvd,Continue reading “More x V̅”

Good Luck Round 2

You’re not here for another opinion-on-everything-otherwise-you’re-with-the-enemy piece. You’re at crescendo angst cinevision for a canvas this feels like a retread. You’d know by now. This is for the humility of it all. Or what it’s worth as apocalypse lockdown 2 goes down midnight, at least in the region this publishing digitally sends from. Maybe yourContinue reading “Good Luck Round 2”