“Life talking to a wall” – Matt Murdock, Daredevil Coolio Cut

Disgusting. The humble part of me is not even making this about us. You have the ones who have feces to say or can’t come out with anything [constipated] yet got nations of drooling fans at their superficial mercy. Then you got those with an overbearing amount of content filtered through a decency-pacer yet it’sContinue reading ““Life talking to a wall” – Matt Murdock, Daredevil Coolio Cut”

One-Off: Politically Compassionate

To those who may’ve been traumatized by the length of while equally engrossed by the checkpoint unravelments of garden at the back, Vessel / Wraith / rest of Open Doom, Coda:, as the title suggests I’ll attempt self-contained concision here. I was kind of close [sort of this close] to writing a newly long oneContinue reading “One-Off: Politically Compassionate”

ODC21 fight scene

Aight I estimated some Open Doom Crescendo in July and the last guy I wanna be right after the guy tasked with making half-life 3 is that rich wannabe auteur student filmmaker who says they’re making a film then spends all their will on a would-you-fuck-me photoshoot. Chatted with Peter, and we’ll do more thanContinue reading “ODC21 fight scene”

Slapping At Loneliness In The Lawful Loneliness Era

If you haven’t yet subscribed to Dan Barrett’s Better Questions, well you had seven days to do so, the same amount of time you would’ve had to prepare for ringu coming for u, so yeah. Posting another installation again at 5:43 so if I’m late at even 5:44, whoever shouts out at 5:45 gets aaa..pffmangoshakeContinue reading “Slapping At Loneliness In The Lawful Loneliness Era”