Slapping At Loneliness In The Lawful Loneliness Era

If you haven’t yet subscribed to Dan Barrett’s Better Questions, well you had seven days to do so, the same amount of time you would’ve had to prepare for ringu coming for u, so yeah.

Posting another installation again at 5:43 so if I’m late at even 5:44, whoever shouts out at 5:45 gets aaa..pffmangoshake blu-ray cause that somehow become the mainstream-accessible thing off the label. Seriously Matias your fb audience response what the shitt\y hell

Since I mic dropped the Apocalonging saga, there’s yet no next-narrative-thread reason to consistently go manuscript. Wasn’t planning this so much as it was a natural response to Dan’s wrap-up on his presented mental model towards covid-19. Like everything Dan does, his ability to help you is gauged through his own selfless desire to be as thoughtful and proactively constructive a person as he himself can be. So yeah if you missed it, look for it on No Less Than or for the ringu metaphorical equivalent go find things to throw as you flee. Or just lustfully seduce her to buy yourself time, of which that one was for the Yah-OK-anomaly reading this who saw/at all appreciated Rasen. If you did then the utterly-random-tastes part of my self-worth affirms you seriously fucked up/romantically missed the boat.

Practically this mental model is as good as it gets a conscientious self-assesable risk management toolset. Existentially this will help you evaluate how much you could be making the nobler choices or if you’re just being another selfish hedonistic termite. I’m not even politicizing this. Every one of us is accountable. I most of all to me. You. Them. She. He. Evil government people. Wannabegood government people. The person who picks up the compost. The soullessly-rich person driving the soullessly-rich car. Keanu Reeves who for a fact is just as wholesomely redeeming to our collective excuse of a human race. It gave me slightly more hope in this latest kangaroo court era that I’m not the only one the last 15 years to remember the seminal singularity that was Constantine 2005. Kudos with the panel Collider.

No one Just Remembers the names of all those crew members.

No one but someone who cares as much as Keanu Reeves.

On that note I just realized I’m still on the disclaimer. Here’s my response to the BQ corona saga climax.

To sum up my side–

Worst-case scenario: passing the virus to a loved one or living with the notion that I likely infected anyone I know or won’t even know of.

My long-term decision: aside from the pragmatically-thought-out exception, not counting groceries/errands/etc. I see no one ever, regardless how it feels everyone is living their lives together again. It was enough feeling like the most lonesome bastard I knew before corona. It’s just farcical now at the era where everyone’s legally obligated to be more alone–I still proportionately find a way to top everyone on the scoreboard. The existential absurdity is both agonizing and empowering. My pandemic partner and I are cautious to the point that his domestic partner getting an unrelated slightly sore throat immediately put a re-quarantine pause on our resumed creative adventures.

I am at least grateful to myself for whatever sacrifices I consciously make… Whatever I restrained-human-programming-long for evaporates at the thought of living with life-long guilt. I know I’m not in their shoes, but I just can’t understand how people who can afford to make the sacrifice won’t. Every time I see another spring break-level-packed beach. Every time I see anyone lash out at or endanger others just cause they’re the one who can’t handle the new reality. This lack of empathy or self-control–even from people who I’d consider good but just wanna be with their fuckin “friends” and “lovers”… With consideration to those at mental and domestic risk under quarantine, I honestly would’ve been fine if all-out lockdown had continued.

[ open source add-on:

Could you even know how alone it is here]
[Like you would've if you could've]
[For humility's sake I can't even proportionately imagine how
a lone hobo feels. And this is just with developed regions]

At this point it’s my own creed I have to maintain as I spectate whatever rest of the world pretend like it’s ok now. The ad absurdum part of me does still think I’ve been preparing for this pandemic my whole life–mental illnesses, emotional/physical isolation, compromised health restrictions, extended/chronic physical limitations, already wearing a face mask via the one character in OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO who wears a face mask [not counting the guy who had to wear a full-head prosthetic with 3 dicks growing out [it makes breathing harder]].


I think I thank you at Least ~once-twice a week so for the sake of novelty–Thanks Dan for this series as a whole. If you do plan on taking material like this and BQ to another medium [like you mentioned podcast], these writings are equally hardcore speaking material. You even have audiobook material with the added fiction parts. Really stoked for what you’ll write / do next.

[Anticipation next for Black Wing]


Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

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