Poems for people who wish to hate poems II

Justification 144553 for doing what we do—crescendo angst cinevision is an attempt to cement-document a subjective experience. This so anyone may find their own quiet and apart-from-all-others private canvas to project their experience towards. This individualistic narcissist culture then makes even more total absence of human-potential-sense in the company of the feels that links allContinue reading “Poems for people who wish to hate poems II”

Day 21,909 of 30,000

Don’t make this a dispensable pandemic vacuum blog art. Being self-aware then doing nothing about it won’t count [e.g. hipsters, deadpool 2, lot of the government] unless you’re 22 jump street [this is still beautiful] Another metaphor—the world had a seizure and it’s probably not long before it has another. That or a FPS characterContinue reading “Day 21,909 of 30,000”

We dare you not to feel anything II

I’ve thus far lived the life of a devil, by nature whose given power is to channel fire through his hands, hence I’ve set shit and people [figure of speech] on fire throughout this life. And I do genuinely believe if I was instead bestowed an angel’s power of handing out light, I’d be wayContinue reading “We dare you not to feel anything II”

It keeps happening

No I’m not relapsing on anything; was thinking of something funny then thought I’d use it in a semi-regular way anyway. It does keep happening though. Even if the meaning’s different. I’m sitting in the garden grass playing with the black cat oh right the black cat I mentioned last month who I called aContinue reading “It keeps happening”

Today — One Year Ago

Today: Looped to FEEl. off the DAMN. LP Other than last grammar checks, the bottom latter post was pre-written days ahead of today while I was in the zone. Appropriately I don’t think I’d have done it justice today. While last year was one of the coolest days, if I was actually gonna treat todayContinue reading “Today — One Year Ago”

1 Year Ago Today Dismantling

Self-obliged self-justification disclaimer: this is pure anarchy stream-of-consciousness. It wasn’t supposed to be, but this is what happens when one forces out a last-minute birthday present-equivalent. Doesn’t change how much it matters. This wasn’t the last day of Operation Heatstroke. 4 days later was, and I’m grateful for that—Jamz and I agreeing 29 was theContinue reading “1 Year Ago Today Dismantling”

Minor novella— The No Zone

This canvas of empathy is for anyone who, ..just, man you get it. Hope you’re well. I 6:52 a.m. as I type and it’s pouring sky water outside the window. Yesterday it was dreamscape sunglowing in the wasteland. Weather-deity is by chance being mood-appropriate. “If you could do good things for people then you haveContinue reading “Minor novella— The No Zone”