Op-ed — Pandemic party pass

This has nothing to do with feelings about Christmas itself, which include while not limited to kinetic melancholy-longing and the collective purgatorial haunt of unrequited deceased folktale monsters. The burden of their lonelinesses wraiths in and out of this publishing.

In Poutineland our excuse for government leaders have justified bypassing public health guidelines and green lighting a 4-day corona buffet because Premium Plus Legault wants to celebrate Christmas and not feel guilty. He and the rest who bend regulations much less common sense to consistently accommodate their own needs don’t place the stakes of people breathing over their own as-they-will needs.

So for the holidays they gift their hypocrisy with a neat bow made of the solidified tears of those who’ll have empty chairs this holiday season. Also Quebec’s totally secular and nonpartisan but they’re allowing 4 exceptional days this holiday season and they’re just specifically centered on Christmas cause who cares about Hanukkah right? And people from different households of course would’ve broken into raging forbidden sex on the floors and table tops of small businesses, bars, and restaurants but not in the lustful comforts of their barely-lit apartments. Legault pulls the heartstring card and talks about wanting his family to be with his mom as if making it about himself makes it ok and as if he’s the only one who’s separated from their mom and wants to see her this holiday season.

Maybe the numbers and data over the pandemic is humouring cynicism but the notion that people who gather for a sacred tradition as nostalgically intimate as Christmas will thoroughly stand 2000 centimetres apart and wear masks while privately indoors is dystopia-satirical at best. Even beyond the nationalist idealism of these clowns in human makeup, mental well-being via social contact is not mutually exclusive from mortal well-being.

You don’t get to argue for emotional health when you dictate, pick and choose whose mental health matters more. Forgetting the fact that they’re letting people let bacteria loose this holiday season at all, they chose Christmas cause that’s what matters to Them, blatantly not New Year’s and insidiously not Hanukkah.

There’s no slapping <moral contract> onto conflict of interest. You don’t earn a clear conscience cause you self-absolved responsibility when you have the straight up responsibility of a public servant. Good people already sacrificed this much this year. Try following their lead.

A public service announcement from the Candy Ass Kickers

We thanked you all personally yet thanks again for making it out to your home theatres for the premiere oct 26. See you at the next.


Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

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