No Place Like Nilufar’s

Before this risks coming off as derailing into self-serving conceit, this is the root article:

There is enough food to go around. So why am I seeing people go hungry?

Now a point-of-view for gratitude assessment and to attempt empathetic universal appeal

Been a customer since when the sign looked like this

Half this typist’s post-pubescent body is made of Nilufar Restaurant’s food. I had road raging warrior acne the first time I really went there and had ~7-8 falafel and ~3-5 shish taouk wraps and was not on marijuana and even though I haven’t had acne for some time I still retain the same sub-human ability to look cartoon-less-than-sexy.

I’ve eaten there depressed, less depressed, cartoon-depressed, sitting-there-way-too-long depressed, depressed and spiralling into accelerated insanity, re-emerged months later with gained humility character development, and every time and always throughout Nilu never contradicted the consistency of her unabashed unconditionally wholehearted care.

Also no one has a smile as lit as Omar.

No one. Other than Nilu, no one.

No one, aight.



Even that time I was high clearly and unsexily in the nascent years venturing there even then Nilu conversed with me with the same engagement and respect, something even I was registering while sauntering like a goblin blacksmith-dungeon escapee.[No one]

Nilufar Restaurant’s the reason the equivalent of 2 feature-length films were done without feeling guilty that the team was eating just about the same food every shoot day. It’d be the same next year.

Save for the summer drive-by, I can’t order their food now cause I’m too far for doordash. If there’s one local business I’d stick around for, it was this. The least I could do is give to the falafel-it-forward mission which feeds the less fortunate; so whereas the food would’ve gone in my grateful mouth, it can now go in the mouths of those who deserve and need it more.

This piece isn’t written to make someone feel bad if they never supported Nilufar Restaurant or their humanitarianism. I’ve set the bar so low in so many ways as a member of society that I’d have no overall merit anyway. I also just remembered as I type that I had reiterated time and again that the restaurant is where I’m moving to when the apocalypse hits. Though of course since this apocalypse just happened to be one where you can’t be near others, I remained stuck over here trying to make clipped reverb sound legible for the rest of Open Doom Crescendo.

I’m writing this to remind myself I can always be better than [this]. I write this to remind myself of the people, places, and ethos that make me better than what I was beforehand.

And as collective gestures demonstrate, there can still be a [better], at least for those still here, and most notably with the recent moment of truth that country-wise-downstairs there are more humans who believe in reality, humanity, and decency than there are blind submissive plebeian-slaves who believe in ethnic superiority, objective anti-reality, hatred, self-interested ego/self-preservation, politicized bullshit insecurity, and pure dag nasty evil. Everyday gestures though, the ones just about no one knows about except oneself, the ones that’d make oneself look like an asshole if they went and bragged about it which just makes it come off like they did the thing just to say they did it but really they’re still overly-past-expiration-date awful, the things that make someone better without them needing to feel obligated to remember cause the fact that they did them is reflective of the person they actively are and not the social media-profile CV someone repeats to themselves to re-convince themselves that they matter–these gestures also matter.

We’re all still gonna die. So I don’t think who we wanna remind ourselves we are will matter then. What we might want others to remember us as won’t either. jeez. I think it’s the things we did that can lastingly matter, cause people don’t need to know who made their lives better for their lives to just be consequentially better. At least it feels that way for me. Was that too much

I’m grateful though in this case to know that Nilu and her restaurant makes lives better, regardless that they never did nor do anything to make it about themselves. You can’t fake your way through that honesty. Not since 1994.


Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

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