Good Luck Round 2

You’re not here for another opinion-on-everything-otherwise-you’re-with-the-enemy piece. You’re at crescendo angst cinevision for a canvas this feels like a retread. You’d know by now.

This is for the humility of it all.

Or what it’s worth as apocalypse lockdown 2 goes down midnight, at least in the region this publishing digitally sends from. Maybe your round 2 already started or your round 1 never finished. At least here though it’s been going on for a while notably since schools reopened and suited kangaroos told teachers to figure it out and so we didn’t need suited kangaroos to make it official. But the government sometimes likes science too, also if there’s a god he’ll likely just demand a beer if someone tried saying “corona”, so starting tomorrow it’s gonna be illegal again to yell through a mask and between hands “how are thou” to the person 2+ meters across if you’re not there to buy more non-perishables.

On the constant of humility: if I can’t admit when I’m wrong, there’s no point believing when I think I might be Less wrong.

I shouldn’t battle if I’m not just as ready to take myself on.

This humility session’s for pre-reflecting ahead of the woke posers who wonder if they still have it in them to pretend to care while finding more loopholes to make it worse.

This one’s for the businesses taking the fall for a government that says it’s complicated so it looks for politicized scapegoats to make it easier.

This is to compensate for the gen Z-ers who still have time to throw as many possible house parties before their doors are what-if kicked down cause to them human rights =  license to mass-pathogenic-murder without accountability

  • like how freedom of speech = all brain-tone-deaf science-hating plebeian hillbillies have to argue to justify dragging everyone down with them to the land of death itself
  • or it just happens that bigot nationalistic health care workers discriminated a Native woman into her death and this kind of thing has only been happening since Day -1 of history = there no systemic racism
  • just as I could go on = how much constructive hope I have

This is for conscientiously allowing myself to prose-graffiti the internet cause every time without exception I need to scrape together the humility to convince myself that what I do this time is not utterly useless, let alone damaging.

  • just like calculating when to place vocals at restrainedly precise moments cause it’ll just sound like blood in my throat if I do 8 straight minutes per track

This one’s for revisiting A Scanner Darkly and admitting Richard Linklater can steer compelling storytelling when he’s not making good-looking-people-doing-good-looking-people-things movies and instead just lets Keanu Reeves save humanity from itself.

Also to recognizing right away that it’s not-with-Radiohead Thom Yorke singing at the end credits and then revisiting the memorable parts of In Rainbows cause even if the zeitgeist has framed it as post-millennial jaded hipster a-hole salvation music, the music is still feels-swell. Also cause Reckoner reminds me of People Under the Stairs, yoyo Jessie.

This one’s for admitting when I’m wrong, this as I acknowledge “gg” to Ellen Degeneres for her humility and handling of her talk show and holding herself up as someone who has the power to and works to bring joy and kindness to people. And while having found it humor-self-aware-cool that now she just exits with “bye”, also now knowing why she was saying “be kind to one another” couldn’t have me more retracting my ignorant shittiness.

And I shouldn’t need to feel a personal connection either to feel and know when I’m wrong.

This one’s for Demo and I cancelling this weekend’s shoot, cause as effortless as we are at winning the hearts of police who believe in our revolutionist cause of ghetto filmmakers with entire sets shoved into 1-2 cars, we’d be hard-pressed in this context to convince them that humanity is safer if we shoot. Aw right also cause I’ll live a mental healthier rest of my life not perpetually replaying in my head that no way did I manslaughter at least 16 people in the greater Montreal area for going out.

I made myself power through the presidential debate last night not cause I knew it was reality TV with reality consequences but out of research duty. And I’ll just stick with my gut that I wouldn’t even need to be apolitical to find it pretty clear which of these Caucasian seniors prefers if Earth doesn’t accelerate its way to Heaven-which-is-the-real-Hell. Though hey of course I would wanna be proven wrong if it were a different case it’s not. If it was revealed that RPG-Default-Haircut-MonkeyMan has secretly been the most tormented undercover freedom fries fighter and he graphically 33% speed pulls his fuckin face off like he’s from mission impossible fuck the 6th and everyone whose death is his fault were just holographic decoys from 2pac’s secret clubhouse where he’s fine and producing the next album,

Hell yeah prove me wrong. [Edit-add: he got mic dropped corona but that doesn’t equivalent-count [RPG-D-H-MM, not 2P]]

Prove me wrong that the world is less and less the X-Men 2/X-Men3[/all of them after even if Cyclops shoots more than like 1 laser beam in Dark Phoenix if anyone else bothered watching that one] shit-show that it appears to be.

Prove me wrong every time I’m losing to ignorance or constructiveness-less fury.

Prove Me Wrong because I Wanna Be Wrong if it means the world Is Actually more loving.

Yes that is a challenge I dare out—letting yourself be proven wrong.

I dare you to let yourself be wrong.

That’s a challenge—

to myself

and anyone who’d rather be right cause it makes them feel “good” or something that’s more important to them than what’s actually right.

I dare you to do better.

– Captain Pike, Star Trek 2009

I dare us to be better.

Yet again

Cause we’re nowhere near where we could be.

I’m nowhere near where I think I could be

so to give beyond me

And at the very least I need to stay alive long enough to finish the rest of Open Doom Crescendo, experience Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and for my doctor older brother to buy out Mom so she can stop wasting energy regretting me.

Either-meaning-see you on the other side.

Or when there’s something else to mic drop tange-rant about creatively.


Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

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