Void To Self-Worth

July 17 and 19’s pieces still mark the arc climax. As a delayed [there is delay] annex, electronic voice phenomenon can take ~a week to process, also I’m not david lynch so people’s attention spans usually don’t humor past 1 medium [e.g. writing + songs] so a ghost’s dos-post goes no-noticed with a writing exceedingContinue reading “Void To Self-Worth”

Continued Self-Isolated Creed Of Mind

Personal longing Vs. What’s the less shitty choice to make Vs. What others alternately do without you Vs. Then feeling even more alone Vs. How to maintain selflessness Vs. Human programming Vs. I will not compute [hot-wires / hacks human program] If you’re not signed up and wish for this to make any sense DanContinue reading “Continued Self-Isolated Creed Of Mind”

Afterword or whatever: Void To Empowerment

When I decay I go out having my say While setting aflame as many possible bad guys on the way Sketched to the Sea of Worry LP’s Science Beat and Lords of Tresserhorn. I found Have a Nice Life’s 3rdalbum the most visually resonating, this with its thematic timeliness to how the world and humanity asContinue reading “Afterword or whatever: Void To Empowerment”