Saving Chinatown

Supporting Chinatown has never been as actively conscious a choice as it’s been to me now. Though I’ve pretty badly botched the tuning to my Asian roots—something many can relate to growing up in the west—I’ve cherished from the start what it means to its community, local businesses, and patrons, I among the latter. Unless you’re a visible minority, you might not conscientiously get what it is that there could be a place where people like you can do and own their own thing without feeling like an other. But culture and heritage matter, and we’ll All feel their erasure if lifeless high-rises swallow it all. It’s running out but you can still give time to the 1 Chinatown in all of [somehow-hasn’t-cursed]Freaking Quebec.

(City of Montreal Archives, Charles Contant/CBC)
(Charles Contant/CBC)

Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

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