OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO [abridged/trailer/music video]

To the solstice This is not pre-masturbatory; it’s done and now the onus is on whoever has the gender-amorphous cojones to start projecting this. Bribe your friends-in-positions-of-cultural-influence. Trap them in a room and loop this on 5.1 surround speakers, cause that’s the movie’s mix. Release them when they’re a better person. Micro-change the world. OurContinue reading “OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO [abridged/trailer/music video]”

CALL TO ACTION for MTL Chinatown

Chinatown Working Group’s Written Submission Template For The OCPM Consultation On Montreal’s Chinatown To EVERYONE in-or-out-of Montreal who wants to directly help preserve the city’s Chinatown—the last in the province—and contribute to the neighborhood’s future, Now Is Your Chance. The city is has finally taken steps to consult the citizens—residents, local businesses, patrons—what they want forContinue reading “CALL TO ACTION for MTL Chinatown”

How do I want to spend the 29th year of my life

I know, numbers are at-heart [heart attack age range notwithstanding] only as meaningful as we decide. I was comforted by a confidante’s attesting that most of their friends are in their 30s and more youthful than those their actual age. How much I wanna touch on the subject of perceptual fleeting youth, maybe not tooContinue reading “How do I want to spend the 29th year of my life”

The self-anointed worth I inhabit

—the rawest deal I can have in this post-zoomer age of pursued validation. Thank Lu at least I’m a millennial. Writing this fully acknowledging the infinite and infinitely more crucial things going on everywhere. That said, there’ll in all likeliness never be a time when the world calms down enough for me to not feelContinue reading “The self-anointed worth I inhabit”


Album aims to be its own experience from movie—OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO, which might sound obnoxious cause anyone could paste source files into album form then pretense it as “its own thang.” But whatever yeah fuck you unless you dig it—tracks are re-ordered in places compared to non-diegetic sequencing, some aren’t even in the movie, itsContinue reading “OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO [double LP]”

Let’s Talk

Taking time from artisanal captioning to write this out of ethics. But for those who care about Bell’s initiative to raise awareness for mental health, there’s countless ways you can engage, whether you’ve had any history of mental illness or are someone who cares about the well-being of another’s mental health. Oh right before IContinue reading “Let’s Talk”

Year-end open mic empathy-sharing therapy

New year’s resolution: Know more than ever one’s worth, no more chasing those [motherfatherfuckersclearsthroat] who don’t. While obviously staying humble. Remember kids of parents reading this, self-actualization don’t equal being an arrogass bastard-bitch. Also bro be a tad less bitter save some of that for when you’re 30. Allowing oneself to publish now, having reachedContinue reading “Year-end open mic empathy-sharing therapy”

Saving Chinatown Supporting Chinatown has never been as actively conscious a choice as it’s been to me now. Though I’ve pretty badly botched the tuning to my Asian roots—something many can relate to growing up in the west—I’ve cherished from the start what it means to its community, local businesses, and patrons, I among the latter.Continue reading “Saving Chinatown”