Happy New Year

Written to David Bowie’s “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday” A Lunar New Year’s greeting from your local hero nihilist: Another year of heartwarmth and heartbreak await. They await equally contradictorily. They arrive with their tongues in each other’s mouths. But I don’t know why it feels different this year. No No I do, toContinue reading “Happy New Year”

Dead Fathers & Outsider Art

Nearing two months later and his demise feels like an already distant memory yet immediately accessible traumatic event, the latter of which I will indulge in therapeutically graphic detail so content warning. My close bonds had encouraged me to at once feel as sad as I needed, but also all the necessary resentment. So untilContinue reading “Dead Fathers & Outsider Art”

To everyone

1 I shall first demonstrate how far I’ve come—exhibiting my last down-on-myself contemplation from sometime earlier last week. Skip to act 2 if you don’t like Sum 41. These feels (n.) don’t really leave. And they won’t really leave when you’ve gotten what your feels had you feeling for. But if it doesn’t get better,Continue reading “To everyone”

Big Fight in Little Chinatown [dir. Karen Cho]

I’d been trying to think of how to best honor Karen Cho’s profoundly of-the-moment documentary masterpiece. Sure I’m cool enough to be Karen’s friend, but all you have to do is search it and you’ll see how essential her work is to the Chinese-North American community. While I might not be smart enough to contributeContinue reading “Big Fight in Little Chinatown [dir. Karen Cho]”

Just wanting to be useful

To start, some optimistic updates: New report suggests going further to protect Montreal’s Chinatown *And now way less importantly to this brooding blog* I’m still trying to get better at self-kindness. Aren’t we all—us self-effacing non-narcissists? Am I doing it again? I’m still trying. Am I getting better at this? For the sake of theContinue reading “Just wanting to be useful”

Happy Anniversary

Listening to the cicadas. My association with them at some point became them as my lone consistent company—out there in the shrub fields and dilapidated real estate I call wastelands in fiction. It is yet not exaggerated from the truth, as these cicadas ring through my ears, a familiar shared death cry that they mayContinue reading “Happy Anniversary”

Dollar Cinema presents OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO

Dollar Cinema is closing at the end of the month. All these years they’ve given underprivileged communities, families especially, a space to foster memories around the communion of moviegoing. As it is for countless others–Jenny, Bernie, and the cinema have been there for us, from our creed to directly in our work’s DNA. So beforeContinue reading “Dollar Cinema presents OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO”