What my hand still bothers for

I’ve relatively come more to terms with my corroded ability to articulate my thoughts coherently so that comparatively-well-adjusted peoples would wanna keep up / stick around. Though that’s only seemed to further maintain this thing’s refusal to not come to light.

Maybe when this thing is out in its totality and has optimally short-circuited all manner of electronic and sentient receptors / processors will all the published texts leading up to it pay off more. Not necessarily for those who’ve humored reading only to come out the other side of reading understanding English less, but at least for my own peace of mind, and that what I’ve tried to give wasn’t pure nonsense—whether on writing or a digital projection of light.

What’s the purpose of doing anything—of willingly traversing the doom, gloom, and sometimes-comically-deranged darkness of the self and others who together celebrate and co-opt disharmony? This if we’re not trying to ultimately reach further into the light.

I’ve ended these paragraphs with light. There has to be something worthwhile to that.

Having wrapped photography officially forever and ever, I realized the smoke grenade still was not used even when I printed out a reminder with oversized underlined font. Makes it retrospectively cooler.


[Not to you if you’re cool]

[At least by humble iconoclastic crescendo angst metal standards]

Hope you’re safe, well, and most importantly not being shitty with your life. This is all we have.

Got a free tripod for totaling a tripod. If anyone’s more about the tripod than what the tripod’s for, I’m sorry they have that much soul-searching backlogged.


Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

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