5-alive years later


Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

5-alive years since the only two programmers on planet earth who’d enable me did enable me, and to this day I’ve yet to make worthwhile all the collateral existentialism they’ve endured for giving me a screen. Since then I’ve only made increasingly inaccessible work, making my barely-programmable first feature that they bet on look mainstream in comparison. I honestly think OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO is a way more paletteable film than Mangoshake, but audiences prefer being pranked by the deconstructive rupturing of mostly good-looking people and their good-looking people problems, and I’m long gone out of good-looking white people to puppeteer into exposing themselves.

For what I’m void of in personal bonds that would fill the craters in my held-by-duck-tape heart, I have in a lifeline to renegade gatekeepers who would smash the gate with ODC’s deathmatch props so that my caliber of outsider art can break that much closer through.

Adam Cook, Peter Kuplowsky, I thank you for the 13 thousandth time, and for the 96 positive responses on letterboxd. See you next month.


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