Granting you permission

—that is if you still haven’t given it to yourself

Terry: why didn’t you get to be a cat
Demo: go back to sleep
Terry: ahahaha you regret
Demo: lol
Photographed at the tail of 2018 you public-health-apathetic bastards

Look this is frankly a checkpoint disclaimer refueling. The moderator might need one as such.

The trips to the giving-a-damn gas station are necessary for the same reason we take trips to the automobile gas station. Creed fire and car fuel might as well parallel. And without some tangible way to measure abstraction—particularly if your field of work serves abstract functions, e.g. digital projections of light that change a viewer’s metaphysical life—we otherwise risk the descent down the psychological abyss that is societal inconsequentiality.

So while it may feel forward-thinking and all to at least exercise an engagement with the various feces-shame-shows trotting around the globe—and it grounds oneself back out of subjective pains and longings when reminding oneself that you and those you care or long for are very much not what planet Earth circulates around—that’s another run-on sentence. So while it may feel forward-thinking and all that to practice personal humility in relation with the collective consciousness landscape, we’d be fools to not responsively do our part even harder-core.

.   .     .

I don’t know man. It suddenly feels humanities-contradicting to tie this to any one thing going on.                          There’s always something else going on.

At least Georgia turned blue.

But yeah fuck these trumpian pieces of shit and their law enforcement tour guides.

It’s Demo’s birthday which is a reminder of how it matters to know someone who also loves black cats. Also how it matters to care about someone you never wanna make out with. When the snow’s melted, you’ll know where we’re at.

Or not.

Definitely not if it doesn’t matter enough to you. Of which this boat leaves without you.

There’s no space in this life to wait. Not if you can’t respond.

Not if you won’t show up.


Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

Digital golem obliging…
Digital Golem: It worked though we wish we wer

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