Coda: What [I] want / All [I] have

Again to every lonely wraith who feels abandoned when another lonely wraith “gets better” and leaves: you’ll never have to worry about that here. Not when you see me having a giggle attack. Not when you see me give-no-fudge-attacking my adversaries into freshly-made craters. Not when I succeed in being extremely funny, usually through otherContinue reading “Coda: What [I] want / All [I] have”

Sun border-porn / The most minor non-toxic optimism

Disclaimer: the first half of the title is your disclaimer. OG-written on July 6. Shelved since cause re: title This shout-out’s to Kai. Thanks for gifting me the momentum to publish. The audacity to test this nascent cult’s outreach. Crescendo Angst Cinevision isn’t a cult, it’s just a metaphor. Unless I bagged you the dayContinue reading “Sun border-porn / The most minor non-toxic optimism”

Poems for people who wish to hate poems

I’m super emo As usual From sharing with people What I hope is void of ego It always ends though With my ceaseless ramble Creating collateral slow mo To those who don’t follow Absolutely understandable These are the screams of a non-criminal-psycho   Psycho in the radio Reference to OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO Cause if youContinue reading “Poems for people who wish to hate poems”

Hyperlinks: A Static Vision Film Festival

Hey it’s Automated Android. M/Ms/It Cinevision is duck-taping a makeshift dummy with a tripledickhead and a Restaurant Nilufar t-shirt so I was asked to substitute this one. Sooo 3:45 p.m. eastern time’s mangoshake, 5:15’s the Q&A.… Cinevision says he doesn’t wanna personally be the one to turn the Q&A into an OPEN DOOM CRESCENDO plug-fest, so thatContinue reading “Hyperlinks: A Static Vision Film Festival”

9 days later, 9 times the KuPlowersky

This is to the second man who found me amongst the noise, as I pictured him conveniently working at the exact opposite-sided desk from the first man who found me. Adam Cook with zero obligations set and steered the very dialogue that would ripple-affect the audiovisual universe’s course as it was known. Peter Kuplowsky wasContinue reading “9 days later, 9 times the KuPlowersky”

B’s Kid Turned 2

Lulu might as well be the closest I have to a niece except I carry none of the actual usefulness/impact other than thus far the fact that certain words/sounds I made up are apparently part of her regular vocabulary. Which frankly that is sick and likely the most profound effect I’ve made yet with myContinue reading “B’s Kid Turned 2”

What we want / All we have

Self-servingly this took some minor emotional courage to start with these images cause they were taken summer 2017 in preparation for shooting come summer 2018 except 2018 was when I went boss-level mental and lost everyone’s support save for 4 people who hung on for dear moral life. By actual shooting come summer 2019 thisContinue reading “What we want / All we have”

II: The rest of Open Doom Crescendo

Whoever might be reading this at whatever time—I do hope it’s when it’s the quietest and loneliest for you. Not cause I pettily like the image of you being lonely and reading my lonely words as if your mutual suffering is my only source of solace, it’s not that at all. What I’m getting atContinue reading “II: The rest of Open Doom Crescendo”

I: Vessel / Wraith

Gratitude-claimer: I directly Thank You Sammy, Helene, Emily [Tong], Leonardo, Ryan, Matias, Dan for responding to the last publishing; I never not notice or take it for granted. That said, at the time of putting it up I was feeling the most futility-resignation to being a nobody posting nowhere to no one, so it matteredContinue reading “I: Vessel / Wraith”