Year-end open mic empathy-sharing therapy

New year’s resolution: Know more than ever one’s worth, no more chasing those [motherfatherfuckersclearsthroat] who don’t. While obviously staying humble. Remember kids of parents reading this, self-actualization don’t equal being an arrogass bastard-bitch. Also bro be a tad less bitter save some of that for when you’re 30. Allowing oneself to publish now, having reachedContinue reading “Year-end open mic empathy-sharing therapy”

Saving Chinatown Supporting Chinatown has never been as actively conscious a choice as it’s been to me now. Though I’ve pretty badly botched the tuning to my Asian roots—something many can relate to growing up in the west—I’ve cherished from the start what it means to its community, local businesses, and patrons, I among the latter.Continue reading “Saving Chinatown”

Believe In The Movies

As immersively tangible as the narratives of art are, a poetic irony about being an artist tends to lie with imposter syndrome—this on a worthwhile-role-in-society level. I won’t and couldn’t-if-I-pretentiously-tried speak for anyone else of course, especially those who can make, y’know a sustainable let alone successful living out of it, let alone a trueContinue reading “Believe In The Movies”

Eternally Repeating. Eternally Changing

Among closer bonds have asked how I was feeling—having wrapped ODC, something to think about for those of us who stuck all the way with it the last half-decade. I’d already shared this with them after the fact, but the answer started with “that’s the good question – maybe when I’ve fully re-become human I’llContinue reading “Eternally Repeating. Eternally Changing”

What my hand still bothers for

I’ve relatively come more to terms with my corroded ability to articulate my thoughts coherently so that comparatively-well-adjusted peoples would wanna keep up / stick around. Though that’s only seemed to further maintain this thing’s refusal to not come to light. Maybe when this thing is out in its totality and has optimally short-circuited allContinue reading “What my hand still bothers for”

Megamovie Reload Overture

Consider Yourself Golden‘s magic — ig | fb Anecdotal foreplay—of the 23 problems my eyes face, the consistent seesaw-standout is either more uveitis [imagine vision-clouding abstract art] paired with less glaucoma [imagine eyeballs ever-swelling, mm] or the reverse. Lately it’d been glaucoma to which I had borrowed time til my one remaining good eye explodes;Continue reading “Megamovie Reload Overture”

Wasteland broadcast discovery

“Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are eternal, and they exist today. The fairy tale is true. The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow.” – Ed Warren Complete digression aside, is this waste-of-space mofo not the fugliest thing anyone’s ever seenContinue reading “Wasteland broadcast discovery”

Days to desolation

This time I felt the necessity—not the urgency—to jot this down. I’m not so air-headed to not realize that the novelty people had found in this glorified live journal [this paragraph is a joyous foreword tange-rant] was largely aided by the fact that people straight up had 90% less activity options a year ago, andContinue reading “Days to desolation”